Renfield (2023) Movie Review #SHORTS

Renfield (2023) Movie Review #SHORTS

“Renfield” opens with Renfield, played by Nicholas Hoult, sitting in a therapy group at a church. He talks about his toxic relationship with his boss, Dracula, played by Nicolas Cage.

The movie rewinds to show how they first met in the “Dracula” movie in 1931. The faces of Hoult and Cage replacing Dwight Frye and Bela Lugosi in their respective roles. A clever way to tie back this movie to the original movie.

While battling a vampire hunter and a priest, Dracula gets burnt to a crisp from sunlight. Fast forward 90 years to modern-day New Orleans. Dracula is still recovering from his injuries. Renfield very much wants to live his own life.

The therapy group enables Renfield to get his own place and start a romantic relationship. When Dracula finds out that his needs were being neglected, he confronts Renfield and then the therapy group. When someone shouts out that he was Renfield’s boss, he kills them all.

That prompts Renfield to put an end to Dracula once and for all.

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