Pre-Order The AMD Athlon 3000G Processor

AMD started shipping the Athlon 3000G, their newest $50 USD budget processor, to retailers last week. Initial reports spotted Amazon pre-order pages for various countries in the European Union. Neither Amazon nor Newegg had pre-order pages for the US. Does any online retailer have a pre-order page for the 3000G? Surprisingly, it’s B&H.

For the past week, I checked Amazon and Newegg daily to see if they had a pre-order page for the Athlon 3000G. With the ability to overclock both the processor and the memory out of the box, the 3000G will be a better bestseller than the Athlon 200GE. For the longest time, the 200GE was largely unavailable even when it wasn’t on sale for $50 USD. The initial shipment of the 3000G will probably go out fast before more inventory becomes widely available.

Last night I came across the Athlon 3000G pre-order page on B&H. Both the price and the product description looked correct. No ship date specified, however. B&H will fill orders on a first-come-first-served basis.

I’ve never bought anything from B&H before. I know B&H by reputation from watching videos of YouTubers who visited their New York City store. My favorite B&H video was Becky and Chris flying their helicopter into New York City for Becky to buy a $1,500 USD camera lens.

B&H also sells computer parts. I spot checked their prices on AMD Ryzen processors and found them to be in line with Amazon and Newegg. That was good enough for me to place my pre-order. If you’re dying to pre-order the Athlon 3000G but can’t wait for Amazon and Newegg to get their act together, head over to B&H.

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