My “Hair-Raising” Personal Experience With The Pandemic

Philip DeFranco called for videos about personal experiences with the pandemic. The timing was great since I wanted to make a pandemic-related video. I can also put his picture on the thumbnail to get more clicks. Here’s my “hair raising” personal experience with the pandemic.

Before The Pandemic

My name is C.D. Reimer and I work in government I.T. at a federal facility in Silicon Valley. I started working from home six months before the COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020. That put me in a great position to ride out the pandemic from the safety of my home. I still had hair back then.

C.D. Reimer in 2022

During The Pandemic?

I was long overdue for a haircut, but the barbershops were shut down in April 2020. Growing out my hair wasn’t an option. I broke out my clippers, razor blade, and shaving cream to shave my head bald.

If you suggest a man shave his head bald, most men will scream like little girls. The reason I was able to embrace shaving my head bald was because of my father. He had a bout of lung cancer, got chemotherapy, and lost his hair. I thought he looked pretty good without his hair.

Dale Reimer in 2009

Men who give up a full head of hair are more confident, dominant, and masculine. Also known as the Bruce Willis effect. I felt more confident, dominant, and masculine since shaving my head for the last two years.

After The Pandemic

Will I ever stop shaving my head? Probably not.

Shaving blades, shaving cream, and scalp lotion cost $75 US per year. A haircut every six weeks cost $180 US per year. I save over $100 US per year by shaving my head bald.

I’ve always dreaded going to the barbershop and getting my haircut. My mother flirted with the barbers when I was a kid. Having my hair cut by the barber who was also sleeping with my mother wasn’t cool. One of many trust issues from my childhood that I carried over into adulthood.

If I were to grow out my hair, it wouldn’t be pure white as the driven snow. It would be a cigarette ash gray color. That wouldn’t make me feel more confident, dominant, and masculine.

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