Is My YouTube Channel Dying During The Pandemic?

Image from Social Blade. Annotations by C.D. Reimer.

My YouTube channel is dying. Social Blade confirmed it (according to the Monthly Gained Video Views graph on my channel profile page). My channel peaked at 8,442 views in January 2020, fell to 3,394 views in February, slumped to 2,832 views in March, and slid to 2,632 views in April.

No doubt something else kept my audience preoccupied during that same time, say, looking for toilet paper in the middle of a pandemic.

Social Blade collects publicly available data about profiles from various social media platforms. For data that’s not publicly available, estimates and projections based fill in the missing gaps. Making Social Blade a one-stop website for critics and trolls — and the bane of content creators.

Those numbers — data, estimates and projections — don’t always tell the entire story when it comes to YouTube channels.

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