Interactive Maker Workshop Bundle – SiliCon With Adam Savage

SiliCon With Adam Savage announced the Interactive Maker Workshop for Saturday, 10/17/2020, at 1:00PM Pacific Time. The 90-minute live workshop will have Savage building a fantasy cardboard helmet in his workshop. Registration limited to 200 people, and cost $60 to $65 USD plus service fees, shipping and handling, and tax. Includes a Maker Workshop Bundle valued at $200 USD. Sponsored by Amazon and Monster Energy Drinks. What exactly do you get in the Maker Workshop Bundle?

The Maker Workshop Bundle

The Maker Workshop Bundle includes the following items for $60 USD:

For an extra five bucks, you can get a hot glue gun if you don’t already have one to put together the cardboard helmet. Savage recently made a video about the different hot glue guns that he uses in his own workshop.

Amazon Echo Show 8 HD Smart Display

The most valuable item out of this entire bundle isn’t the laser-cut cardboard for putting together the fantasy helmet. It’s the Amazon Echo Show 8 HD Smart Display. An Alexa-enabled, voice-controlled device with an eight-inch HD screen, stereo speakers, microphones, camera, and camera lens slider. The Echo Show 8 usually retails for $130 USD and currently on sale for $104 USD on Amazon. You’re getting a significant discount with this sponsored bundle.

Before you get too excited about the Echo Show 8, Amazon will come out with the third-generation Echo Show 10 that goes for $250 USD. The Echo Show 10 has a lot advance features not found in the other versions of the Echo Show. Depending upon how much of a gadget hound you may be, you might want to wait and get that one instead.

Zoom announced last month that they would add support for the Echo Show 8 and other devices to join their video meetings. All you need to say is, “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting.” This should make it easy for everyone to join the live workshop next month. Or any other Zoom meeting you might have.

Sponsored Bundle Added Cost

I’ve mentioned that registration was $60 to $65 USD, plus service fees, shipping and handling, and tax. I’ve registered for the workshop only since I already have a hot glue gun. Here’s the breakdown of all those extra costs on top of the $60 USD that I paid.

Service fees by GrowTix is $0.80 USD. If you’re not familiar with GrowTix, they handle ticketing, badging, and special bundles for events like SiliCon With Adam Savage. Make sure your mailing address is up to date when you register for the workshop. Otherwise, your bundle might get lost in the mail or won’t arrive on time.

Shipping and handling are $15 USD. The Echo Show 8 box and the Monster Energy Drink will add the most weight. The bundle will ship only in the United States. If you’re outside of the United States, send an email to to request a quote for international shipping. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on international shipping, there’s no guarantee that you will receive the bundle in time.

Tax is $5.25 USD. That number should be for the combined sales tax rate of 9.25% in San Jose, CA. That’s 6.0% for the state, 0.25% for the county, and 3.00% for the city. The tax for your order will vary depending on the sale tax rates for your area.

The final cost of the bundle was $81.04 USD. That’s an extra $21.04 USD on the top of the $60 USD registration fee. I haven’t received a ship date for the bundle yet.

If you want to attend this workshop live and receive the sponsored bundle, you need to register and pay for the privilege. However, you don’t have too. Plans for the fantasy cardboard helmet will appear on the website and the workshop video will appear on the YouTube channel for SiliCon With Adam Savage.

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