Inner Workings of Space Suit Design Highlights – SiliCon W/Adam Savage

SiliCon With Adam Savage had their first virtual panel this week, “The Inner Workings of Space Suit Design.” Astronaut Cady Coleman, author Mary Robinette Kowal, and moderator Adam Savage talked for an hour about what goes into making a $20 million USD space suit.

A lot of interesting tidbits about space suits of all sizes for men and women.

  • The Apollo-era space suits were made by a bra company that knew how to apply fabrics to soft bodies.
  • NASA’s “one size fits all” mentality have limited the number of women astronauts who can do spacewalks.
  • The first all-women spacewalk didn’t happen until a woman astronaut brought another small-sized space suit to the International Space Station.

But the panel didn’t get off to a smooth start since some viewers—including myself—had trouble finding the livestream link. I have updates on the Interactive Maker Workshop, the location of the livestream link, and two clips from the panel that I thought were interesting.

Interactive Maker Workshop Updates

Two updates to my previous SiliCon With Adam Savage video about the Interactive Maker Workshop Bundle.

  • As of Wednesday, September 30, 2020, there were less than ten bundles left and probably sold out now.
  • For those of you who have already ordered the bundle, UPS should have delivered it by now.

I got mine on Friday and I’ll have an unboxing video out soon.

Where Was The Livestream Link?

SiliCon With Adam Savage sent out an email the day before to remind viewers about the upcoming panel. That email, however, didn’t have a link to the livestream. But it did mention that the livestream “can be accessed by clicking on your original confirmation email.” If you were looking for a link, you may not have read that part of the email. The light gray text on white background didn’t help with readability either.

The confirmation email is what you get after registering for the panel on GrowTix. If you’re not familiar with GrowTix, they handle ticketing, badging, and special bundles for events like SiliCon With Adam Savage. The link in the confirmation email will take you to the order confirmation page on the GrowTix website. A livestream link on that web page should have gone live an hour prior to the panel starting. Clicking on the livestream link will take you into the panel.

From what I’ve read on Facebook, the livestream link didn’t go live for some viewers until the panel started at 5:00PM Pacific Time. I joined the livestream at exactly 5:00PM Pacific Time. Adam waited five minutes to let viewers join in before starting the livestream. Once the livestream got underway, it went smoothly as can be.

Panel Highlights

  • When you invite an astronaut to discuss space suit designs, you obviously expect that astronaut to have spacewalking experience. Cady had a little confession to make.
  • Why was a candle from the 1950’s called the “Sputnik Alarm Clock”? Mary Robinette reads the directions.

If you didn’t watch the panel live, you can watch the video on YouTube.

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