In-Person Expectations For SiliCon With Adam Savage

Silicon with Adam Savage is three weeks away. Taking place at the San Jose Convention Center on Saturday, August 28, and Sunday, August 29, 2021. Tickets are still available for virtual or in-person attendance. What can you expect from attending SiliCon with Adam Savage in person?

Wearing A Mask/Proof of Vaccination

Let’s tackle the biggest expectation for attending SiliCon with Adam Savage in person. Will you have to wear a mask and provide proof of vaccination?

Yes, and maybe.

According to the COVID Guidelines on the SiliCon website, you will have to wear a mask. I’m vaccinated and I haven’t stopped wearing a mask in public. There’s no vaccine for stupid people.

Proof of vaccination isn’t required now. Some San Jose bars and restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination for indoor seating. Proof of vaccination could become mandatory by the county health department if things get worse.

If you’re not vaccinated, you still have time to get the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine. Please note that the Johnson & Johnson one-does vaccine has a longer needle than the two-dose vaccines. You won’t have enough time to get the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine before SiliCon starts.

Guest List (Or Lack Thereof)

When SiliCon announced William Shatner as a guest, I expected to see more Star Trek guests. That was two months ago. Since then, Javicia Leslie of “Batwoman” and Lana Parrilla of “Once Upon a Time” got announced. And seven other guests that are authors, artists, creators, and makers. SiliCon is going to be a much smaller event.

Looks like there will be a NASA panel with eight new guests—Cole Kazemba, Dr. Helen Hwang, Dr. Nick Cramer, Jeremy Vander Kam, Jonathan Morgan, Mercedes Herreras Martinez, Ms. Karen Bradford, and Roberto Carlino—added this week:

Light Rail Service/Hotel Rates/Wild Bill’s Soda

The remaining expectation is a short list of recent updates.

If you’re planning to hop on the light rail to get to the San Jose Convention Center, change your travel plans. The light rail is still out of service after the May 26, 2021, mass shooting that killed nine transit workers. Regular light rail service won’t resume until September at the earliest. Buses are running between the light rail stations but add more time to your commute.

Hotel rates are available for SiliCon at the Hilton San Jose and Marriott San Jose. These two hotels have direct entrance to the San Jose Convention Center. The Hilton San Jose is offering rooms for $149 USD per night. The Marriott San Jose is offering rooms for $109 USD per night.

Bring out your free drink cards for Wild Bill’s Soda.

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