In-Person Comic Con Updates

We got three comic con announcements for today’s show. Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022 and Fan Expo San Francisco 2022 are brand new events for next year. The dates for Silicon Con with Adam Savage 2021 have been officially confirmed. These are all in-person events. Assuming, of course, the coronavirus is behind us and everything returns to normal.


ReedPop and ViacomCBS announced Star Trek: Mission Chicago for April 8th to April 10th, 2022. The Star Trek: Missions will be the new official Star Trek con moving forward. I won’t be attending this con since Chicago is way out of my way. I do expect this con to come out to the West Coast in the future.

What about Star Trek Las Vegas Con?

CBS ended their 20-year relationship with Creation Entertainment last year. I’ve read two different reasons for why that happen.

  • CBS wanted to go in a new direction since the new TV series revived the franchise.
  • CBS wasn’t happy with how Star Trek Las Vegas 2020 got postponed from August to December and cancelled in December.

No doubt that the latter cost them some money. Star Trek Las Vegas is now the 55-Year Mission Tour. Being held at the Rios Hotel from August 11th to August 15th, 2021.


Fan Expo HQ is launching Fan Expo San Francisco for the fall of 2022. They signed a five-year contract with the Moscone Convention Center. This will be the first comic con in San Francisco since 2017.

Why is that important?

San Francisco has gotten too expensive for too many comic cons and fan events. I’ve also heard similar complaints about San Jose and Oakland as well. But the exodus from San Francisco has been ongoing for years.

Fan Expo San Francisco is committed to 50,000 attendees per show. If they charge $100 USD for a weekend pass, and everyone bought a weekend pass, that’s $5 million USD per year. That’s the kind of numbers you need to rent out Moscone.

The owner of Fan Expo HQ is Informa. They put on the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and know how to make the numbers work at Moscone.


Adam Savage had announced the dates for SiliCon 2021 in his introduction to the Mandalorian workshop last December.

“We have the dates for SiliCon 2021 and the dates are August 27th to August 29th, 2021.”

Adam Savage

Those dates were never posted on Facebook, Twitter or the website. That announcement became official this week with a slight change from last December.

  • SiliCon with Adam Savage will be a two-day event on Saturday, August 28th, and Sunday, August 29th, 2021, at the San Jose Convention Center.
  • Tickets go on sale on Saturday, May 15th, 2021.

Will SiliCon with Adam Savage finally happen this year?

Remember what happened last year. Everyone thought things would get better in another three months. Comic cons and other events got delayed, postponed or cancelled. It could happen again.

If you’re serious about attending SiliCon, buy your tickets when they go on sale. Unlike Silicon Valley Comic Con, SiliCon could be a smaller event.

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