How to Get Stan Lee’s Autograph – SVCC 2018

The guest of honor at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 is Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. If you are a hard core Marvel fan, here is how to get his autograph.

Get An Autograph Ticket

A Stan Lee autograph will set you back $120. That’s $20 more than what he charged for an autograph last year. But that is $30 less than what he had charged at other comic cons so far in 2018. Whether its $100, $120 or $150, that is a lot of money for one autograph. You could get two or three other autographs from celebrities for that amount.

You will need to buy an autograph ticket in advance, bought on the website with your debit/credit card or onsite for cash only.

If you do buy your autograph ticket onsite, mini ATMs is available to withdraw cash at the San Jose Convention Center. Please note that the mini ATMs do charge a hefty convenience fee, and your bank may also charge a hefty convenience fee. Autograph tickets can be purchased in the South Hall behind the convention center.

Bring Something to Autograph

Unlike many actors and actresses of the big, small and mobile screens, Stan Lee doesn’t have a selection of pictures ready to autograph. You will have to bring your own item. The autograph ticket is for his autograph only and nothing else.

If you’re a comic book collector, you could bring a Marvel comic book for him to sign. Most people don’t have a Spider-Man #1 comic book. A program guide or convention badge might do in a pinch.

If you’re serious about getting Stan Lee’s autograph you might want to consider bringing this fun item: a Stan Lee Funko POP!

This one came out last November and the most current version available. If you can find this Walmart exclusive on the shelves, they go for $10 each. Amazon Market sellers will have this and older versions of the Stan Lee Funko Pop! at much higher prices.

The current Funko Pop is based on Stan Lee’s cameo in “The Guardians of The Galaxy,” where Rocket Raccoon calls him an “old codger” for hanging out with a younger woman. Which is ironic considering the accusations a month ago that he had sexually harassed nurses taking care of him in his Beverley Hills home.

Since then he claimed to be the victim of scams, had a brief stay in the hospital, called the cops on an ex-bodyguard who refused to leave his property, and cancelled his appearances at Wizard World in St. Louis and Cleveland.

As far as I know, he still plans to appear at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018.

Stand in Line for Autograph

If you are serious about getting Stan Lee’s autograph, you must be prepared to stand in line for three or four hours. Remember that Stan Lee is 95-years-old. He will take his time in signing stuff, take breaks and naps, and go off to do photo ops.

Last December I stood in line for three hours after the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel to get Ming-Na Wen’s autograph at Heroes & Villains San Jose 2017.

When the guy behind me pointed out that my shoe laces were untied, I told him that my legs were cramping so bad after waiting in line for two hours that I couldn’t bend down much less get up if I tried. He told me that he was a kindergarten principal and offered to tie my shoes. So I let him tie my shoes. When I got home that night, I discovered that he tied my shoelaces in a double knot.

When I got to talk to the Ming-Na Wen, I told her the last time I spent three hours waiting in line was for Stars Wars: The Phantom Menace in 1999.

With planning and forbearance, you can get Stan Lee’s autograph.

UPDATED 03/05/2018: Stan Lee’s autograph sessions are SOLD OUT for now. Additional autograph sessions may open up. Check the Facebook page for further announcements.

UPDATED 3/17/2018: Stan Lee is no longer listed as a guest and his SOLD OUT ticket listings were removed from the SVCC 2018 website.

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