How to Fix Amazon Hub Not Available Error Message #SHORTS

On Friday, September 24, 2021, UPS delivered my Apple iPad mini 6 to the Amazon Hub at my gated community. Except for one small problem: “This Hub is temporarily unavailable” error message on the control panel. Here how to fix that error message.

You need to press in on each of the spring-loaded compartment doors. One of the doors isn’t closed all way.

  • Start at the top right corner, work your way down, and move over to the next column of doors.
  • After a black screen replaces the error message, stop pressing on the door.
  • The regular screen should appear after a moment.

You can now get your package from the Hub. If that doesn’t work, call the support number on the control panel.

NOTE: A faster fix is to tap on the screen and click on the cancel button to get back to the main screen. That doesn’t fix the underlying problem. If you’re the unlucky person with the door not closed all the way, you will have to press all the doors to clear the error message.

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