Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s Excuse for Rust Film Shooting #SHORTS

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s Excuse for Rust Film Shooting #SHORTS

“The ammo supplier mixed up the rounds.” That excuse came from Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed in a lawsuit against the ammo supplier.

According to Gutierrez-Reed, she shook all six rounds to make sure that they were dummy rounds. She then handed the gun to David Halls who told her that it wouldn’t be used during the rehearsals.

Someone forgot to tell Alec Baldwin not to play with his gun.

The sheriff department still haven’t determined how six live rounds made it on to the set. One round was in the gun, one round on Baldwin’s gun belt, and four rounds on the prop cart. Earlier reports mentioned practice shooting with live rounds elsewhere on the property.

Gutierrez-Reed had a legal responsibility as the armorer to ensure the safe usage of the prop guns and the ammo on set. Her lawsuit against the ammo supplier won’t change her legal liability. The jury should convict her for involuntary manslaughter.

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this short video.

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