GOLD TICKET for Silicon with Adam Savage 2023 #SHORTS

GOLD TICKET for Silicon with Adam Savage 2023 #SHORTS

We are six months away from SiliCon With Adam Savage on October 14-15, 2023. Out of the three two-day ticket options, Gold might be the best bang for the buck.

SiliCon With Adam Savage 2023 will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Main panel room and dealer room could be in the exhibit halls at the far side. The panel rooms will be upstairs at the opposite side. If you’re going back and forth between the two, that’s a lot of walking.

For $26 more than the General Admission ticket, Gold ticket holders will have priority entry to panels and fast lines for autographs and photo ops. If you’re walking in from the opposite side of the center, you can still get a good seat behind the VIP Platinum ticket holders.

If you’re not into panels, autographs and photo-ops, get the General Admission ticket. If you want the extra perks and can spend the extra money, get the VIP Platinum ticket.

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