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In my Microsoft certification video four months ago, I talked about the “Replay Exam” special offer of an exam voucher with one retake exam good for one year. That special offer expired last week on January 31, 2019. The new special offer is called “Get Certified with Confidence” and expires on May 31, 2019. The new special offer is identical to the old special offer with some changes: the exam voucher comes with two retake exams good for six months. The good news is that you get twice as many retake exams. The bad news is the initial and retake exams must be taken in half the time. Is the “Get Certified with Confidence” special offer still a good deal?

I bought my “Exam Replay” voucher with Windows 10 testing software last week after discovering that the current Windows 10 MCSA/MCSE certifications will be retiring in less than two months. I will be taking the retiring “Installing and Configuring Windows 10” exam in a month from now, and, if necessary, the retake exam three weeks after that. I could always chicken out and wait until the prep materials for the Modern Desktop Administrator certification come out in late spring.

After all, the “Exam Replay” voucher is good for one year.

The real difference between a one-year voucher with a retake exam and a six-month voucher with two retake exams is how you manage your time. Paying $230 USD for a voucher, or $265 USD for a voucher and practice exam software, is enough of a financial commitment to focus your mind on getting the exam done in a year. Cut the amount of time in half to get the exams done, you need to take the initial exam almost immediately to have enough time to study for the retake exams. If time management isn’t your best skill, you should further develop that skill before committing yourself to a certification track.

If you really need to have a one-year voucher with a retake exam, Get Certified 4 Less has the “Exam Replay” voucher with practice test for $235 USD. That’s $30 less than what I paid for mine on the Microsoft website last week. Get Certified 4 Less also has exam vouchers and practice tests at significant discounts for CompTIA and Microsoft certifications.

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