Does Wild Bill’s Soda Big Ol’ Campfire Mug Hold 60 Ounces?

Last month I ordered the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug for $30 USD from Wild Bill’s Soda. At the time, they advertised that it could hold 60 ounces of liquid. That’s five 12-ounce cans of Wild Bill’s Soda. Or four ounces shy of a two-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. When I got the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug, it didn’t look big enough to hold that much liquid.

I reached out to Wild Bill’s Soda on Facebook and Twitter for comment two weeks ago. They haven’t responded during that time. When I checked their website this week, the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug now holds 52 ounces of liquid. But that number wasn’t correct either.

How many ounces does the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug hold?

If you’re not familiar with Wild Bill’s Soda, they produce small batches of traditionally crafted sodas in 12-packs of 12-ounce cans for purchase on Amazon or direct from their website.

If you have Amazon Prime, the prices are better with free shipping from Amazon. If you order direct from the website, it’s a $7.50 US flat rate for shipping. Expect to pay $2 to $3 USD per can.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, they showed up at events like comic cons to spread the word of mouth.

  • If you bought a $30 USD metal mug, you get to drink off the tap all day.
  • If you already own a mug, pay $5 USD to drink off the tap all day.
  • If you buy a mug from their website, you get a coupon to drink off the tap for one day at any event.

When I first ran into them at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019, I refused to buy a $30 USD mug. I wasn’t a mug collector and $30 USD was too much for a mug. Until I noticed that one of the flavors was Blazing Black Cherry. Black cherry is my favorite flavor that I just can’t get enough of. I bought a $30 USD mug to find out how delicious the Blazing Black Cherry was.

When AMC offered black cherry ICEE as a tie-in promotion for The Addams Family last year, I had an ICEE for three different movies during the Columbus Day weekend holiday. I also had green poop for a week thereafter. The Blazing Black Cherry from Wild Bill’s Soda is loaded with cane sugar but not blue food dye. Green poop is the least of your concerns.

Do not drink too much and/or sample too many flavors at the same time off the tap to avoid getting sick from all that deliciousness.

With the coronavirus pandemic preventing in-person events, Wild Bill’s Soda has been selling different kinds of mugs on their website. That’s how I came across the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug.

Using a Rubbermaid 64-ounce measuring cup, I measured out 48 ounces to the rim. Not 60 ounces, not 52 ounces, but 48 ounces of fluids. Or four 12-ounce cans of Wild Bill’s Soda.

Wild Bill’s Soda need to buy a measuring cup to update the description on the website before someone files an FTC complaint for false advertising.

UPDATED 9/15/2020 — I got a refund from Wild Bill’s Soda for the Big Ol’ Campfire Mug. A PayPal notification that came out of the blue. Did they see video? No clue. Their web page, however, still list 52 ounces.

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