Did JayzTwoCents CHANGE ANYTHING After Getting COVID-19?

JayzTwoCents announced that he had COVID-19 on Twitter six weeks ago. He figured out how to use a camera again, made some videos, and went to bed. A week later he posted this tweet:

JayzTwoCents, Phil and Nick returned to work shortly thereafter. That was a month ago. Did JayzTwoCents change anything after being sick with COVID-19?

First Impressions

My first impression of JayzTwoCents being back on the job was that the camera depth seems deeper. As if Phil, the editor behind the camera, took a step back to maintain proper social distancing.

Wear Them Masks

JayTwoCents doesn’t wear a mask in front of the camera. That’s fine if everyone behind the camera is wearing a mask. When they’re not recording, everyone should be wearing a mask and staying six feet apart. That was the example we saw from Linus at Linus Tech Tips.

When JayzTwoCents refinished the tabletop of his workbench, he wore a N95 mask to block out the dust and fumes. Nick also wore a N95 mask and stood six feet away with the shop vac. Was that proof everyone was practicing proper social distancing?

Not so fast.

Wearing a N95 mask in this case was a Cal-OSHA guideline and not a county health guideline. Cal/OSHA is the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If Nick gets a papercut and JayzTwoCents refuses to give him a band aid, Nick could file a complaint with Cal/OSHA. They would investigate the complaint, shutdown the business, and put everyone out of work. Cal/OSHA is no joke.

Never Mind

JayzTwoCents has all but ignored social distancing in his studio before he got COVID. The prime example that I presented in my previous video was JayzTwoCents and Nick sitting side by side at a table. And an Instagram photo of Phil behind the camera Everyone was less than six feet away and no one wore a mask. I was willing to give JayzTwoCents the benefit of the doubt that he would change things after being sick.

That didn’t last a month.

Here’s JayzTwoCents and Nick sitting side by side at a table, neither of them wearing a mask. The only major changes were Nick sporting a new haircut and Phil having his own camera behind the camera. Phil wasn’t wearing a mask as he sat nearby from JayzTwoCents and Nick.

For an example of social distancing and wearing masks, check out President Biden’s press conference. Everyone was wearing masks and sitting six feet apart. When the president spoke without wearing mask, the front row was 12 feet away.

There’s no excuse for why JayzTwoCents couldn’t make similar changes inside his warehouse studio.

I’ve gotten pushback on who am I to question JayzTwoCents. As a wise man once said, “Opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one.” My opinion just happens to be bigger.

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