David Halls’ Excuse for “Rust” Film Shooting #SHORTS

David Halls’ Excuse for Rust Film Shooting #SHORTS

“It’s not my job to check the weapon.” That excuse came from First Assistant Director David Halls, according to his attorney.

Halls took the weapon off the prop cart, called out “cold gun” on the set, and gave it to Baldwin. A “cold gun” is a weapon that had dummy rounds or no rounds loaded. If he had done a visual check of the gun, he could have found the live round and prevented a tragedy.

  • A dummy round has a dimpled primer on the bottom and two BBs inside to make a sound when shaken.
  • A live round doesn’t have a dimpled primer and doesn’t make a sound when shaken.

According to Deadline, Halls got fired from a 2019 movie after a prop gun went off and injured a crew member. That may explain why he accepted a plea deal for negligent use of a deadly weapon. He reportedly received six months of probation.

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this short video.

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