My “Hair-Raising” Personal Experience With The Pandemic

Philip DeFranco called for videos about personal experiences with the pandemic. The timing was great since I wanted to make a pandemic-related video. I can also put his picture on the thumbnail to get more clicks. Here’s my “hair raising” personal experience with the pandemic.

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How The Gilroy Garlic Festival Got Canceled

The Gilroy Garlic Festival got canceled after operating for 42 years. With the 2019 shooting, COVID-19, and insurance costs, the three-day event became history. Smaller events like the golf tournament, concert, and farmer’s table are still on for 2022. The garlic powder hadn’t settled on that announcement when another announcement got made. The Stockton Garlic Festival will be at the San Joaquin fairgrounds in mid-August. Will a competing garlic festival cancel the cancellation of the Gilroy Garlic Festival?

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SiliCon With Adam Savage 2022 Announcement

SiliCon with Adam Savage announced dates, prices, and the initial guest list for the 2022 show. The show will once again be at the San Jose Convention Center on Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28. Prices vary from $20 US to $400 US for various ticket options. The initial guest list includes Christopher Lloyd, George Takei, and Alan Ritchson. What can you expect for this year’s show?

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The BIZARRE Story Behind The Home Depot Fire

The Home Depot store on Blossom Hill Road in San Jose, CA, burned down to the ground two weeks ago. One of the largest Silicon Valley fires in recent memory. I told friends at the time that someone probably tossed a lit cigarette in the lumber department. Authorities announced an arrest and revealed the bizarre story behind the fire this week. It wasn’t a lit cigarette.

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6 Steps From FreeNAS (USB) to TrueNAS CORE (SSD)

Last week I talked about adding the Plugadget 2.5″ mounting bracket PC cards to my file server. I’ll be switching from FreeNAS on mirrored USB flash drives to TrueNAS CORE on mirrored SSDs in six steps. Since my motherboard has a legacy BIOS, step number four took a lot longer than it should have.

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Adding A HDD/SSD 2.5″ Mounting Bracket for PC Slot

I did a video about a $3 US mystery PC expansion card called the Athena Power 2.5″ backplane two years ago. A 2.5″ drive in a removable carrier that was accessible through the back of the expansion slot. Newegg still has that card in stock but no longer discounted and cost $30 US for that and a floppy-to-SATA cable. I needed a cheaper alternative and found a $7 US PC expansion card that can mount a 2.5″ drive.

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Should Apple Studio Display Have A Removeable Power Cable?

YouTube reviews of the Apple Studio Display came out this week. The biggest flaw with the new 5K monitor was the non-removable power cable. You could rip out the power cable with brute force and risk damaging the display panel. Or use a special tool that available only to Apple employees to remove the power cable.

Should the Apple Studio Display have a removable power cable? I’ll explain from my experience as a consumer and an I.T. support specialist.

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Does Your PC Monitor Need An LED Light Bar?

Does your PC monitor need an LED light bar? This accessory sits on top of your monitor to cast light on to the keyboard and the mouse. An area of your desktop that is lit indirectly by nearby lights.

The generic light bars are between $20 US and $40 US, has three color temperature settings, and plugs into a USB port. If you want recognizable brand name or features like a curved light bar, you can spend up to $150 US.

I’m going to review the Gomyhom monitor light bar and how I set up the light bars for two different monitors.

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