In-Person Comic Con Updates

We got three comic con announcements for today’s show. Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022 and Fan Expo San Francisco 2022 are brand new events for next year. The dates for Silicon Con with Adam Savage 2021 have been officially confirmed. These are all in-person events. Assuming, of course, the coronavirus is behind us and everything returns to normal.

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Why I’m Taking The CompTIA PenTest+ Cert Beta Exam (PT0-002)

Last week I put out a short video that a coworker alerted me to a $50 beta exam for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification. If you watched my YouTube channel for a while, you may be wondering what happened to the Windows 10 certification that I made several videos about. That certification fell through for various reasons. I’m pursuing the PenTest+ certification because it’s a great deal, relevant to my government IT job, and my employer is paying for it.

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Why Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 AIO Isn’t Coming to America

The Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 All-In-One liquid cooler recently went on sale. I found that out when I saw the announcement on their Instagram account. But all the prices and availability were for the European Union. Where were the prices and availability for the United States? The bad news is that the Silent Loop 2 AIO won’t be coming to America.

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Are Colored Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs Kosher For Passover?

A friend ordered organic hard-boiled eggs from Safeway for home delivery. He discovered that the hardboiled eggs came in different colors. Not the white or brown eggs that come in a carton. These eggs were in bright shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. He has never seen eggs like these before. That raised an interesting question. Are colored hard-boiled Easter eggs kosher for Passover?

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Did JayzTwoCents CHANGE ANYTHING After Getting COVID-19?

JayzTwoCents announced that he had COVID-19 on Twitter six weeks ago. He figured out how to use a camera again, made some videos, and went to bed. A week later he posted this tweet:

JayzTwoCents, Phil and Nick returned to work shortly thereafter. That was a month ago. Did JayzTwoCents change anything after being sick with COVID-19?

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2 PROVEN Solutions For Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite

Last month I posted a short video on how to fix the Corrupted Memory #0 error in FortNite. The solution was simple: uninstall the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK software. I had no idea how widespread that problem was in the FortNite community. That short video got 5,000+ views. In this video I’ll talk about the error message and the two solutions to resolve the issue.

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How to Weatherstrip Your AIO Fans for Better Airflow

When mounting the fans to the radiator of an AIO liquid cooler, they should fit tight against each other to maximize airflow. If a case has fan mounts inside the front panel, the flat metal frame will be between the fans and the radiator. Unless you have the Cougar MX330-G ATX case. The frame inside the front panel has raised vent holes and recessed screw holes. I used 20-year-old motherboard standoffs to mount the radiator to the back and the fans to the front of the frame. That ¼-inch gap between the fans and the radiator allows air to escape and blow back out the mesh front panel. It’s time to weatherstrip that gap!

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The REAL ESTATE DEAL That SHUT DOWN Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics has finally shut down. At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the website made it official with a front-page memo. After 36 years in business, Fry’s Electronics ceased operations for 31 stores in nine states. Management blamed online shopping and COVID-19 for this sudden but not unexpected shutdown.

But online shopping and COVID-19 didn’t kill this zombie retailer.

An earlier announcement took place the day before. Planning documents filed with the city would turn the San Jose headquarters store into a tech campus. If you watched my previous videos, real estate deals resulted in store closures in the last 18 months. This real estate deal was so big that it shut down the entire company.

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