Christmas In The Park 2021 (Daylight Walk-Thru)

On Black Friday, 11/26/2021 @ 1:30PM, I took a daylight walk-thru of Christmas in The Park in downtown San Jose. This is one of Silicon Valley’s biggest holiday events. Volunteers were still decorating the Christmas trees. The lights and rides wouldn’t start until 4:00PM. Christmas in The Park is open noon to midnight from Black Friday through New Year’s Day.

The Last “Cheap” B450 AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard

The ECS KAM1-I AM1 mini-ITX motherboard and the AMD Athlon 5150 AM1 processor cost me $50 US in 2015. I paid $25 US for the motherboard and $25 US for the processor. A nice little combo for a Linux box to back up my FreeNAS file server.

I got the ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/AC AM4 motherboard for $100 US as a replacement. The last cheap B450 AM4 mini-ITX motherboard available in today’s market.

I’ll explain the old AM1 motherboard and the new AM4 motherboard.

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5 Groups That Stopped Short at Veterans Day Parade 2021

This week I attended the 103rd San Jose Veterans Day Parade in Silicon Valley. The main parade route was Market Street from Santa Clara Street to San Carlos Street. The grandstand was at Park Avenue and Market Street. I set up my camera halfway between Park Avenue and San Carlos Street. A great sightline of the parade when it passes by. All the marchers stopped marching at San Carlos Street. Except for the five groups that stopped short of finishing the parade.

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San Jose/Silicon Valley Veterans Day Parade 2021

The San Jose/Silicon Valley Veterans Day Parade 2021 started at 12:30PM and lasted 90 minutes. I edited out the gaps between groups to reduce the video time to one hour. The time stamps in the description are for groups with signs I could read (most but not all). The first half was a car show and the second half was a parade.

NOTE: Check out the five groups that stopped short at the parade.

I FAILED CompTIA PenTest+ Certification BETA Exam (PT0-002)

On June 29, 2021, I took the CompTIA PenTest+ certification beta exam (PT0-002) for $50 US. That exam went official this week and I found out my results. I failed the beta exam.

That I failed the beta exam didn’t surprise me.

  • I only had six weeks to study for a certification that I never heard about.
  • Getting my second COVID-19 shot the weekend before the exam didn’t help.
  • I was still playing FortNite every night.

I’ll explain why I’m waiting until next year to take the new PenTest+ certification exam.

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1990s Metaverse VS Facebook Metaverse Explained

Mark Zuckerberg will announce at Facebook Connect that Facebook will become a “metaverse” company. That could be Facebook:

  • Changing its name to Metaverse
  • Creating a corporate holding company called Metaverse.
  • Creating a virtual world to replace the Internet called Metaverse.

Metaverse, however, wasn’t a new idea. Neal Stephenson coined the word for his science fiction novel, “Snow Crash,” in 1992. I started my tech career as an QA intern at Fujitsu’s WorldsAway in 1997. One of many “metaverse” worlds during the dial-up days of the early modern Internet.

I’ll explain what the 1990s Metaverse was and what the Facebook Metaverse could be.

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Why I Buy $20 US Mouse When I Have $300 US Keyboard

I tweeted last month that I replaced the Cougar Minos X5 mouse with the Cougar Minos X2 mouse. The scroll wheel on the X5 became “twitchy” when cycling through inventory in FortNite. The last thing I want to pull out during a firefight is an unloaded weapon. The X2 was half the cost of the X5, similar in size, and didn’t have RGB. That created a controversy for some viewers of my YouTube channel. Why do I buy a $20 US mouse when I have a $300 keyboard on my desk?

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Installing Windows 11 on My Test PC

Two weeks ago, I upgraded my editing PC with the EVGA SuperNOVA GA 850-watt power supply. The Rosewill Glacier 500-watt power supply went into the junk box. This week I cleaned up my test PC by replacing the power supply and air cooler and installing Windows 11. Cleaning up the hardware was more impressive than installing Windows 11.

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Why JayzTwoCents Is Using Gleam For Giveaways (Again)

YouTube cracked down on Gleam, a popular contest management service, in early 2019. Two dozen small content creators got community guideline warnings for having Gleam links in the description. Nobody cared about them. When JayzTwoCents got a warning for using Gleam for his giveaway, it became a real big deal. He could have avoided the warning if he had paid attention to YouTube policy changes. I’ll explain what happened then, what changed since then, and JayzTwoCents’s new giveaway.

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