FortNite Dynamic Island Trailer #SHORTS

FortNite Dynamic Island Trailer #SHORTS

Inspired by the new Apple feature, “Dynamic Island,” introduced for the iPhone 14 Pro, I created this FortNite trailer from the first three seasons of Chapter 3. If you played FortNite for a while, the island is very dynamic from chapter to chapter, season to season, and sometimes even in the same season. FortNite Chapter 3 Season 4 starts on 9/18/2022.

$10 CREDIT to SWAP Sprint/T-Mobile SIM Cards #SHORTS

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T-Mobile shut down the Sprint LTE network on June 30, 2022. The shutdown affected one million devices. Not all Sprint customers swapped SIM cards. T-Mobile will offer $10 per line credit to swap SIM cards. If you have five-line plan, you can get $50 credit. After SIM cards for ALL five lines are swapped from Sprint to T-Mobile. Credit will apply in one or two billing cycles.

Fry’s Electronics Shut Down One Year Ago

Fry’s Electronics shut down suddenly but not unexpectedly one year ago on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. I made 14 videos covering the zombie retailer from September 2019 through August 2021. Take a trip down memory lane.




You can also check out my Fry’s Electronics playlist on YouTube.

THE TRUTH About 4K Webcams for Virtual Meetings

Casey Neistat tweeted out about the Opal C1 webcam. The first professional webcam that has better 4K video quality than a DSLR camera. Casey asked in his tweet, “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet? As I replied in my own tweet, most virtual meeting software uses only 720p video. The truth about 4K webcams for everyone else is that they add nothing to virtual meetings.

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