AMC Stubs A-List Program Explained #SHORTS

AMC Stubs A-List Program Explained #SHORTS

The alternative to AMC’s Sightline location-based seat ticket prices is the Stubs A-List program. Pay $25 per month to see three movies per week in any format at no extra charge. If you do watch three movies per week, your average ticket price is $2.

Why would AMC give away tickets for the cost of slightly more than one ticket per month?

Movie theaters don’t make money on ticket sales. Studios take up to 60% of ticket sales for the opening weekend and reduce their take over time for a movie.

Movie theaters do make money on concessions. The next time you pay $15 for food and drink, $5 is the cost of goods, $5 is labor, and $5 is profit. Almost everyone buys food and drink at a movie theater.

As a Stubs A-List member, I watched 39 movies for an average ticket price of $8 in 2022

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this short video.

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