AMC Signature Recliners For A Dedicated Audience #SHORTS

AMC Signature Recliners For A Dedicated Audience #SHORTS

“Sightline” is a good name for AMC’s new location-based seat pricing. Renovated theaters have the new Signature recliner seats that are wider and more comfortable. They also sit higher than traditional theater seats to have a better “sightline” to the screen.

A renovated theater has half the number of seats found in a traditional theater. With fewer people watching movies, theaters are no longer for the unwashed masses. AMC is catering to the dedicated audience that enjoys watching a movie on the big screen.

Most comments I’ve read about the price changes come from people who haven’t been to a movie theater in decades.

The last movie theater I went to that had “sticky floors” showed two movies for five bucks in an old playhouse in the late 1990s. You can bet that some of the stickiness on the floor wasn’t from spilled sodas.

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this short video.

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