3 Steps to Take After Every FortNite Update

FortNite Chapter 3 Season 1 came out last week. The chapter update was 10GB in size. The patch update that came out two days later was only 180MB. The weekly updates during the season are often two to three gigabytes. After every update, whether large or small, I follow these three steps before I start a new game.

Step 1 – Verify The Installation Files

The first step is to verify the installation files in the game launcher. Click on the three-dot menu for FortNite in the library. Select “Verify” to start the scan that will take several minutes to complete. Corrupted installation files are replaced automatically.

If you don’t follow this step after an update, you may experience random crashes or weird error messages.

Step 2 – Run Auto-Set Quality in Video Settings

The second step after starting the game is to run the auto-set quality in the video settings. Go to the hamburger menu in upper left corner of the lobby, click on the cogwheel, click on settings, and click on the “auto-set” button. The auto-set quality will set the ideal video settings for your graphic card.

If you don’t follow this step after an update, you may experience choppy or slow gameplay.

Step 3 – Change/Check The Game Mode

The third step is to check or change the game mode if you don’t play four-player Squad. The chapter update will set the game mode to Squad by default. A weekly update shouldn’t change the game mode, but sometimes it does revert to Squad. An occasional bug will reset the game mode to Squad after every game and won’t get fix until the next weekly update.

If you don’t follow this step after an update, you might find yourself bailing out of a Squad game.

Chapter 3 Season 1 has new locations, vehicles, and weapons. Take your time in exploring the new world. Even an experienced player like Ninja can get off to a rough start. After I find a few favorite areas to start a game, I focus on completing the quests and leveling up.

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