Axiom Saves The International Space Station (Mockup)

Axiom Saves The International Space Station (Mockup)

Axiom Space saves the International Space Station (ISS). But not the one in low Earth orbit. The full-sized mockup at the Fry’s Electronics store in Webster, Texas. Axiom will lease the sprawling retail site for its engineering operations. Building out the workspace, offices, and lab space underneath the ISS mockup. If you’re not familiar with Axiom, they’re building the first commercial space station.

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Studying for CompTIA Linux+ Certification (XK0-005)

Studying for CompTIA Linux+ Certification (XK0-005)

I found out two weeks ago that I passed the CompTIA Linux+ certification beta exam that I took last February. The new exam, XK0-005, went live this week. The old exam, XK0-004, won’t retire until Monday, January 16, 2023. You can take either exam in the next five months. Here are the study materials I used to pass the beta exam, and the four new study guides that are coming out.

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$10 CREDIT to SWAP Sprint/T-Mobile SIM Cards #SHORTS

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T-Mobile shut down the Sprint LTE network on June 30, 2022. The shutdown affected one million devices. Not all Sprint customers swapped SIM cards. T-Mobile will offer $10 per line credit to swap SIM cards. If you have five-line plan, you can get $50 credit. After SIM cards for ALL five lines are swapped from Sprint to T-Mobile. Credit will apply in one or two billing cycles.

Great America Is Shutting Down

California’s Great America amusement park is shutting down. The current owner, Cedar Fair, sold the 112-acre site for $310 million US to Prologis, a real estate developer. The park will continue to operate for the next six to 11 years. I’m sad that Great America will be shutting down since it was a part of my childhood and young adulthood. I’m also excited by what this prime piece of Silicon Valley real estate will become in the future.

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