Are You Wearing A Mask at Your Zoom Meetings?

A company sent out an email that all employees must wear a mask when attending Zoom meetings.

“I am writing you all today to inform you of a new protocol for our staff zoom meetings. Moving forward, everyone will be required to wear a mask during our meetings. One of our team members has a fear of unmasked people, and I want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. This requirement is effective immediately.”

Are you wearing a mask in your virtual meetings?

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Testing “Enter The Matrix” (2003) Video Game

When my friend and I saw “The Matrix Resurrections” on Christmas Eve, the movie was deja vu for us. Thomas Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, is a video game designer in San Francisco. His team working on the sequel to “The Matrix” trilogy called “The Matrix 4.”

That happened to us 20 years ago. We worked at Atari when “Enter The Matrix” entered testing in late 2002. A video game with exclusive live-action video from “The Matrix Reloaded,” the first sequel to “The Matrix.”

I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole went.

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Americans Against Arabic Numerals As An Internet Meme

During the Christmas break, I saw this screenshot of a poll in my Twitter feed. “Should American schools teach Arabic Numerals as part of their curriculum?” With 2,313 votes submitted, the breakdown was 29% Yes, 57% No, and 14% No Opinion. If that sounds familiar, a tweet based on an actual poll made headlines in 2019. That poll had 56% of Americans against Arabic numerals. What does these tweets reveal about Americans in 2022?

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