California Recall Election RIGGED Against Republicans

California voters rejected the recall of Governor Gavin Newson by 64% to 36% this week. Republicans cried election fraud before the polls even closed. But they were correct about one thing. California elections are rigged against Republican candidates. Not because of Democratic shenanigans. California Republicans made themselves irrelevant for three reasons: geography, voter registration, and ideology.

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Revisiting The Verge PC Guide Fiasco w/Stefan Etienne

Linus Tech Tips had a surprising episode with special guest Stefan Etienne this week. If he looks familiar, Stefan hosted the infamous The Verge PC build guide video two years ago. Linus gave him the opportunity to tell his side of the story while fixing the mistakes he made in that video. I’m going to recap the PC guide fiasco, the copyright strikes that followed, and the new info from Stefan.

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How to Deflect PC Heat AWAY FROM YOU

JayzTwoCents had a recent video on how to keep your PC from heating up your game room.

  • He explained how hot air move from the PC into the room.
  • He had tips for reducing heat without reducing performance.
  • He even suggested opening the window and/or door to let fresh air in.

But there was one scenario he didn’t cover in his video. How to deflect heat away from you when your PC sits underneath your desk. I got a $5 USD solution that you may already have in your home.

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