Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 And Win California CASH Prizes!

I went over to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center to get my first Pfizer vaccine shot. That took only a half hour to get done. I went over to Valley Fair Mall to have lunch at Shake Shack. I showed the host my brand-new vaccination card and got a free order of French fries. Twenty-four hours later, I got a text from the California Vax For The Win about my incentive card I’ll get soon. After I get my second Pfizer vaccine shot, I’ll get a $50 USD gift card from the state. I could also win $50,000 USD or $1.5 million USD in the state drawings. When I made my vaccine appointment last week, I had no idea that doing my civic duty to society could be so rewarding.

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How Deep Is Too Deep For San Jose BART Stations?

BART released the renderings of the planned downtown San Jose subway stations. Future riders will have to descend 70 to 90 feet below street level to board the trains. For some people on Twitter, 90 feet is too deep for a subway station. One twit wrote, “Love to take a journey to the center of the earth to board my train.” How deep is too deep for a BART station?

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Why I Put An Apple AirTag Inside My Label Maker

I have four items that I could track with the new Apple AirTag.

I haven’t misplaced the license dongle. The tripod and gimbal, either together or separately, often disappear for a week or two after I use them. As for the label maker, it went missing for four months in my home office. Only one of these items will let me put the AirTag inside.

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Boogie2988 Castle Doctrine VS Stand Your Ground #SHORTS

Boogie2988 made two mistakes in confronting a stalker and shooting a warning shot. He stepped outside of his home and mishandled his gun in public. There’s some confusion about the legality of his actions. Was it the castle doctrine or stand your ground law? For Boogie, in the state of Arkansas, it was neither.

Boogie2988 Booked Into Jail — Two Mistakes #SHORTS

Police booked video game YouTuber Boogie2988 for firing his gun last year. A banned YouTuber and stalker, Frank Hassle, came over to over house uninvited in September 2020. Boogie walked out the front door with his gun pointed at the stalker and fired a warning shot in the air. He made two mistakes during this confrontation: stepping outside of his home and firing his gun in public.