The REAL ESTATE DEAL That SHUT DOWN Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics has finally shut down. At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the website made it official with a front-page memo. After 36 years in business, Fry’s Electronics ceased operations for 31 stores in nine states. Management blamed online shopping and COVID-19 for this sudden but not unexpected shutdown.

But online shopping and COVID-19 didn’t kill this zombie retailer.

An earlier announcement took place the day before. Planning documents filed with the city would turn the San Jose headquarters store into a tech campus. If you watched my previous videos, real estate deals resulted in store closures in the last 18 months. This real estate deal was so big that it shut down the entire company.

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How to Fix Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite #SHORTS

You just jumped off the Battle Bus in FortNite when the loading screen reappears. A moment later, you get an BattlEye (anti-cheat) error screen for Corrupted Memory #0. No how many times you restart FortNite and/or reboot your PC, you continue to get this error message. If you have an MSI motherboard inside your PC, this is a simple fix. Uninstall the Dragon Center/MSI SDK software and reboot the PC. You shouldn’t get the error message after that.

NOTE: If you need change the Mystic Lights (RGB) in the future, install the Dragon Center/MSI SDK software, make changes, uninstall software, and reboot.

Phanteks Halo Lux RGB Fan Frames for Be Quiet! Pure Loop AIO

Last year I posted two videos about the Be Quiet Pure Loop AIO 240mm Liquid Cooler. The first video I had to mount the AIO with the fans on the inside of the Cougar MX330-G ATX case. The long screws that came with the AIO weren’t long enough for the recessed screw holes in the front panel. The second video I used 20-year-old motherboard spacers to mount the AIO and the fans in the front of the case. Mounting the fans in front frees up space inside the case and RGB fans can shine through the front mesh panel. Since Be Quiet doesn’t make RGB fans, I got the Phanteks Halo Lux RGB Fan Frames to go on top of them. I’ll compare the RGB lighting on the white Shadow Wings 2 fan against the black Pure Wings 2 fan that comes with the AIO.

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Does Your Home Need A Verified Blue Checkmark?

Are you an authentic influencer, public figure, or brand in the San Francisco Bay Area? A new service rolled out to add a “verified badge crest”—a Twitter-style blue checkmark—to the outside of your home. It’s called Blue Check Homes. I’ll walk you through the process of getting your own home verified.

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