2020 Tesla Cyber Landmaster Official Trailer

Forget about the Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla will introduce the Cyber Landmaster for a global warming world. An all-terrain vehicle that can survive harsh environments. An optional weapon system (not California legal). Available for pre-orders on January 1, 2020 for a 2049 delivery.

If you don’t recognize the Landmaster, it’s the movie vehicle from the 1977 science fiction movie, “Damnation Alley,” based on the novel by Roger Zelazny. A handful of survivors journey from California to New York in a post-WW3 landscape of giant scorpions and flesh-eating cockroaches.

When I saw the video, the Tesla Cybertruck reminded me of the Landmaster. Other viewers thought it was similar to the Johnny Cab in the “Total Recall” (1990).

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