2 PROVEN Solutions For Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite

Last month I posted a short video on how to fix the Corrupted Memory #0 error in FortNite. The solution was simple: uninstall the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK software. I had no idea how widespread that problem was in the FortNite community. That short video got 5,000+ views. In this video I’ll talk about the error message and the two solutions to resolve the issue.


You start a FortNite game, the battle bus is flying over the island, and your avatar jumps out. The Corrupted Memory #0 error message appears. No how many times you restart FortNite or reboot your PC, the error message doesn’t go away.

FortNite uses the Battleye anti-cheat program to prevent cheaters from hacking the game. A disallowed memory operation by a low-level program triggered the error message. The memory is almost always the Windows virtual memory, also known as the page file. A favorite target for cheaters.

On rare occasions, it could be the memory sticks on the motherboard are failing. Hardware—not software—could be triggering the error message. If none of the solutions presented here works, run MemTest86 to test your memory sticks.


I went to the Battleye support page to check out their Frequently Asked Questions. When I checked the FAQ three weeks ago, the info I was looking for was all the way towards the bottom. That info is now at the top of the page.

Currently we get a lot of requests regarding “Corrupted Memory #0” kicks. For most players this is caused by a recent update of “MSI Dragon Center” and “MSI SDK”. Please completely uninstall those from your system and reboot to solve the issue.

Battleye F.A.Q

My PC has the MSI Tomahawk X570 motherboard. I installed the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK after I installed a pair of Phanteks Halo Lux RGB fans. After I uninstalled the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK, the error message went away in FortNite.


Uninstalling the MSI software doesn’t work for everyone. Users who uninstalled or never installed the MSI software are still having problems. The second half of the Battleye FAQ has another solution.

Alternatively, you can also try updating your Windows 10 to version 2004 or higher, as that seems to fix the issue as well.

Battleye F.A.Q.

I recently got a pop-up notification on my PC that support for version 1909 of Windows 10 will end on May 11, 2021. Every version of Windows 10 has three years of support. If I wanted to receive updates past mid-May, I needed to update.

Since Windows Update kept rolling back to version 1809, I used the media creation tool to create a bootable USB stick. The downside to reinstalling Windows is having to reinstall all my programs. The upside is an opportunity to clean up my PC.

After I reinstalled Window 10, drivers, and FortNite, I reinstalled MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK. FortNite worked again.

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