New eBook Cover Image Requirements

Mark Coker alerted Smashwords writers that Apple will be requiring larger cover image for new and updated ebook titles in August 2012. Since Amazon is also recommending a larger cover image, the ideal image size is 1600 pixels by 2400 pixels. The larger images are for the newer ebook readers such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.

I put together a redesigned cover image, submitting it to Amazon and Smashwords for approval. I’m not sure if the smallest text font size is large enough to be visible when viewing the cover image as a thumbnail. Depending on the feedback, I’ll make additional tweaks before I finalized the design.

For the smaller cover image, I got away with using the extra-small-sized stock photos. I’ll need the medium-sized stock photos for the larger cover image. A small fortune in buying new images for 33 existing titles as each new cover image will cost $6.00 USD each. The redesigned covers should spark an increase in sales.

A good thing I’m summer break from publishing new ebooks. I wasn’t planning to update the ebook covers unless it was necessary. Now that the larger cover images are necessary, I’ll be updating all the ebooks towards the end of summer. I may even get a larger monitor since manipulating a 1600 x 2400 image is annoying on the 1280×800 screen for my MacBook. A justifiable business expense, if there ever was one.